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Posted by on March 1, 2018

Apple Music application for mobile platforms debuted not too long ago but already conquered a tasty portion of the online music-streaming market. The fact that an Apple app made it outside its iOS garden, surrounded by a high fence, was a surprise (even shocking I must say). Nonetheless, we have what we have – every Android user has an opportunity to know what it feels like to be ripped off a privileged Apple-user.

Publisher: Apple Inc.
Last update: 1 year ago
Size: 32.71M
Compatibility: Android 4.3 and up, iOS 9.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
Price: free
Get it on:  Google Play

What Apple Music for Android Is

Okay, here’s what all the hubbub about. Apple Music for Android offers you access to a staggering amount of music jams – more than 45 million(!), in AAC format at a bit rate of 256 KB/sec.

As for the sound quality, well, Spotify is mostly a bit better (due to a bigger bit rate), however, the difference won’t be much audible since most of us enjoy our precious music gems on average acoustic systems.

The app itself consists of 6 central segments that are pretty easy to navigate through:

  • For You – this category is tightly packed with the tasty jams that you potentially might enjoy. Their selection is based on your personal preferences of genres/albums/bands. Let’s say you’re a fan of The Beatles and you streamed their White Album recently – the app will offer you other prominent artists and bands from the 60s: The Animals, Mamas & Papas, etc.
  • New – that’s where the hottest singles or bands that gain momentum dwell. You can explore either a general category or apply a genre filter. As a bonus, you’ll broaden your horizons through recommended playlists.
  • Radio – Apple’s own digital radio station marked with great eclecticism. Here you’ll be introduced to a diverse list of artists: from conservative pop-divas to indie-revolutionaries. All that mishmash is sprinkled with interviews, live chats and DJs talking nonsense.
  • Connect – a local social network. Via this category you can stalk follow your idols, getting to be the first to learn about their new musical endeavors. It’s like Twitter but much more boring. No Facebook/Instagram synchronization btw.
  • Playlists/My Music – that’s the place where you organize your own playlists and store your music (both from your gadget or iCloud). That category is somewhat chaotic and needs optimization – you risk getting lost among your own music collection due to sloppy, unintuitive design.

Moreover, you can add friends to the app, examining their music taste and checking out their beloved compositions.
Perhaps what I like the most about Apple Music is that you can choose between public/private profiles – that’s a good way to avoid unwanted attention.

If you had an Apple ID in the past, register it in the app and all of your previous playlists/music purchases might return to you. My mark of the features is 9/10.













I like the visual aesthetics of the app – it’s a bit reminiscent of a glossy magazine page with a well-balanced color palette. Nonetheless, a couple of improvements wouldn’t hurt:

My Music category must be restructured according to the principles of logic and intuitiveness – so far it looks like a cluttered pigsty. My mark of this point is 8/10.

  • Page swiping – it takes about 3-4 seconds due to deep DRM scanning which is outrageous.
  • EQ function must be brought back.
  • Song-loading sometimes takes an eternity.
  • As for the rest, the UE is pretty smooth.

Performance and Usability

If you have something to say about this app and make own review – write me.

The app is known for ads on its interface which are quite annoying. The same spoils the entire music listening experience for the users. As for whole the experience it is quite a good app with a good performance, so my mark is 8/10. The app gives you a free 3-month-trial after which a paywall pops up demanding:

  • a) $9.99/month – 1 device only.
  • b) $14.99 – the family plan, 6 devices max.

No other IAPs are offered.

Cross-Platform Use

Apple Music for Android is available as a free download for both the iOS and Android 4.3 and up. 10/10


Apple Music needs polishing and perfecting but so far it’s not even close to the “terrible” mark. But to be honest I don’t see what it can do what Spotify, Deezer or even SoundCloud can’t, plus Spotify has a better audio quality.
I wouldn’t personally join the Apple Music army but if you like this brand – heck, why not?



9.0 /10


8.0 /10

Performance and Usability

8.0 /10

Cross-platform Use

10.0 /10


  • Light Nature;
  • Amazing Organization of the Music Tracks;
  • Background Playback.


  • Annoying ads on the Interface of the My Music App.

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