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Posted by on June 10, 2018

Movies by Flixster is the app for Android developed by Flixster Inc. for ticket booking purposes. The app displays all the scheduled movies in the theaters and the movies that are out on DVDs and Netflix. Flixster enables users to book movies tickets directly.
Publisher: Flixster Inc. Last update: 1 year ago Size: 9.08M Compatibility: Android 4.0 and up,  iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Price: free Get it on:  Google Play, iTunes

What Movies by Flixster Is

For all the movie fanciers, Flixster app is the most suitable option for buying theater tickets and browsing the latest movies at your convenience. Besides the primary feature of the booking tickets, there are various parameters that make it the most favorable app. The Box Office tab displays all the movies on the screen. There are two categories where the movies can be sorted by toggling across – In Theatres and Coming Soon. Check out the Rotten Tomatoes Tomatometer scores and reviews left by critics to rate the movie on the basis of ratings. In addition to this, you can watch the movie trailers, casts, synopsis, images, and much more. Ticket booking mechanism on Flixster app is powered by Fandango app. Use the way of payment that suits you best - Google Pay or PayPal, check out theater amenities, find and contact the nearby theaters, and so on. Besides watching movies in theaters, you can check out the latest Netflix and DVD launches. My mark is 9.5/10.


While testing the design and interface of Flixster app, I noticed that the accessibility and navigation are quite clear and easy. For example, in the movies section, all the movies are displayed on the same page. However, it is difficult to sort it based on parameters like date, format, and so on. The combination of Flixster app with Google Maps for directions and Fandango app for ticket booking improves the functionality of the app. I did not notice any anomalies while performing the tasks. My mark is 9/10.

Performance and User Experience

Watching movies in the cinemas, home theaters, and in the television streaming services is the most in-demand entertainment. The app aims at fulfilling your desires in the most effective manner. You can book the tickets at the nearby theaters after carefully analyzing the reviews. To facilitate better user experience, the app includes features like Rotten Tomatoes ratings, Google Maps, Google Pay, Fandango app, and so on. The responsive design of the app adjusts comfortably on devices with varying screen sizes. In addition to these, easy navigation and well-structured layout impact user experience as well. My mark is 9/10.

Cross-platform Use

Flixster app works seamlessly on all the Android smartphones and tablets, it requires Android 4.1 and above for proper functionality. However, the usability is limited to the American subcontinent only. My mark is 9/10.


If you need the app for ticket booking, then the Flixster app is a highly recommended stuff. As it incorporates reviews from Rotten Tomatoes and the critics, you can judge the movie based on genuine viewpoints. Further, you can search for the nearby theatres based on show timings, proximity, and so on. Fandango app works seamlessly when it comes to ticket bookings. If you have VIP access, you can avail of benefits such as discounts, free screenings, refunds, exchanges, and so on. According to some users, the new navigation mechanism seems complicated. But as per our analysis, the navigation and accessibility are easy to comprehend. As you can check out the latest releases on DVDs and Netflix, you can enjoy movies from the comfort of your home as well.

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