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You probably faced this issue before: sitting in a bar or a pub, on Friday’s night after a long week of hard-work, peacefully relaxing… And then all of a sudden the sound of “Sweet Home Alabama” starts blasting loudly out of the speakers and one of the tipsy guests begins crooning. As loud as a bull. And out of tune of course. The Voice, sing and connect app takes this karaoke disaster to another, global level.

Publisher: StarMaker Interactive
Last update: 1 year ago
Size: 21.26M
Compatibility: Android 4.1 and up, requires iOS 9.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
Price: free
Get it on:  Google Play

The star of the evening








The Voice, S & C promises to bring to your mobile device the authentic spirit and unforgettable experience of “The Voice” show – after all the developing team is the official partners of that beloved singing contest.

So, basically, this application is an intricate mixture of a generic karaoke app and a social network. Think of it as a Youtube-doppelganger which allows only song-cover video upload, hence the name of the company behind the app – StarMaker Interactive.

The official site of the app proudly announces that apart from entertaining its users it also provides chances for the undiscovered talents to be noticed and recognized throughout the world.

Here’s what you get once it’s on your gadget:

  • An extensive catalog – more than 2 million songs (!), I guess they have digitized every jam written since the days of Alexander the Great.
  • Sound effects – Auto-tune, vinyl crisp, something distantly resembling EQing, etc.
  • Recording song-covers as brief videos and sharing them with the rest of the wannabe singers world.
  • Watching and loving/hating covers made by others.
  • Establishing your own fan-base.
  • Finding a collab-partner.

To be honest, the audio effects sound like total rubbish – computing powers even of the mightiest smartphones are not enough to provide something decent in terms of special effects. Consequently, your cover-video may turn into a horrendous mess rich with noises, distortion and sonic artifacts.

But it’s only half the trouble. Only a couple of primitive effects are available at the beginning, and the rest of them mercilessly demand to be paid for… The score isn’t high – only 6/10.


As for the color palette – it’s aggressive and unlikable because of the big red-bright buttons on the white screen. Be careful if you have sensitive eyes, it may trigger a migraine. The score is 5/10.

The money leeching

The apk download is free but before you even pick your first song to make a debut with – the app will hint that paying for a premium account wouldn’t hurt anyone. Not paying would.

You won’t be able to pick any popular tune (no matter when it was released) unless you disembowel your wallet. The premium account will cost you:

  •       $ 2.99 – 7 days.
  •       $6.99 – 30 days.
  •       $27.99 – half a year.

But if you ask me there are better ways to spend this mulla – you’d get a bigger profit by setting a 10-dollar bill on fire and lighting a cigarette from it.

The app performance

If you have something to say about this app and make own review – write me.

It’s rather unsatisfying both technically and visually. The problem is – the app heartlessly butchers your original phonogram, and the final result sounds nauseating, to say the least. Your voice may become unnaturally pitched, lose its energy and emotionality.

Perhaps to compensate for technical imperfections the authors provided you with instant response from the user-community, generally positive. Nonetheless, upon closer scrutiny it turns out that the freshly-baked fans of yours show zero singing activity and their commentaries are indistinguishable, always retaining an unhealthily positive reaction. Fake and lame. 4/10.

Cross-Platform Use

The app is compatible with both iOS and Android. The score is 9/10.


The idea behind The Voice, S & C was majestic – to let people enjoy singing, sharing their works and finding their fans and new friends. However, this majestic concept got ruined by unstoppable money greed, poor technical implementation, and fake positive commentaries. I strongly recommend abstaining from getting it on your device and do your covers somewhere else.



5.0 /10


5.0 /10

Performance and Usability

4.0 /10

Cross-platform Use

9.0 /10


  • Free;
  • For Android and iOS;
  • Great experience - like The Voice Show.


  • Terrible quality of sound;
  • Pro account costs pretty expensive;
  • Interface looks agressive and strange.

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