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Posted by on September 10, 2017

Are you looking for a lead application that allows you to enjoy watching TV shows and movies for free on your iOS or Android mobile device? Then you’re in the right place. With the Tubi TV IPA and APK, you can enjoy streaming content for thousands of hours from renowned studios such as MGM, Lionsgate, Paramount, and more. Here’s the full review.

Publisher: Tubi TV
Last update: 1 year ago
Size: 16.15M
Compatibility: Android 4.1 and up,  iOS 9.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
Price: free
Get it on:  Google Play

What Tubi TV Is

With this app for all Android devices and Apple gadgets, you can check the variety of exclusive categories and well-known titles all for free. Get to find award-winning TV shows and films spanning over 40 genres from drama, classics, comedy, horror, and family & kids to favorites like anime, British TV, and Korean dramas. Notably, these videos have commercials. Therefore, you get to enjoy content legally without having to pay a dime.

I also like the fact that I’m able to discover hidden gems and fantastic international hits. These features deserve a score of 9.5/10.


The interface is one of the features that enhance the convenience of the iOS and Android app. The simple and straightforward design makes it easier even for the first times to navigate, and I was able to find my way even on my first use. It is divided into sub-segments, and you can choose something to watch from the different categories such as featured, most popular, staff picks and trending on Tubi TV. The tool’s user-friendly interface deserves a score of 9.5/10.

Performance and Usability

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When it comes to performance, Tubi TV appears efficient in numerous ways. First, it enables you to create and manage a personal video queue. Additionally, with the iOS version, I can sync my account between devices such as Apple TV, Xbox, Roku, and Amazon. Notably, the app functions perfectly without lags, and the latest version comes with performance enhancements and an update on bug fixes. This category scores a 10/10.

Cross-platform Use

One factor I find most interesting is that the app is available both as an Android APK as well as iOS IPA. It requires iOS 8.0 and later, and it’s compatible with Apple TV, iPod touch, iPad, iPhone. The Google Android version, on the other hand, runs on Android 4.1 and above. The app`s cross-platform use deserves a 10/10.

The Verdict

Tubi TV operates in a similar way to Hulu or Netflix: huge selection of movies and TV series streamed from Cloud. The App Store for iOS and Google Play app for Android has all the standard features ideal for this genre of mobile applications, including subtitle support, watchlist, bandwidth selector, and the feature that allows you to share videos on the featured list. While the selection may not be as vast as either of the services mentioned above, it still offers a reliable substitute. I would recommend this leading application to those looking for a mobile app offering free streaming for lots of hours.



9.5 /10


9.5 /10

Performance and Usability

10.0 /10

Cross-platform Use

10.0 /10


  • It’s a free app;
  • Subscription free;
  • No credit card required.


  • Confusing the app can be really easy. For instance, you open a video then close it yet it hasn’t finished buffering, it’ll still be playing in the background;
  • Supports Facebook login alone;
  • The ads can be annoying.

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