About Me

Hi, I’m Megane Torres! And I’m on my way to a new career – a mobile application developer. I’ve tried myself in various fields – sales, human services, marketing. But a year ago I’ve discovered a passion for software development. Now I’m 29 and a student again!

Utility apps are what really fascinates me: they help you take the versatility quotient of your device to a next level and take more advantage of the phone’s capabilities.

I’m just at the beginning of my journey to becoming a developer. And now I have a strong focus on exploring the market: I test out a bunch of various utility apps and take notes for future usage. I’ve decided to transform my notes into comprehensive reviews and share them with the world – that’s how this blog was born. I leave out all the boring technical stuff and keep my genuine impressions.

As I perform a manual QA of each application, I’ve become quite good at it and feel comfortable to offer my services of mobile application testing. I perform testing on Android and iOS – the physical devices, and use emulators for the rest.